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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When I make textiles embroidery on the selected material, first I draw the pattern which have designed on the fabric with a pen what can be removed by ironing later. I use embroidery hoop to tighten the fabric which I am working on. After selecting the embroidery threads, which are always made of natural materials I use different stitch patterns to restore the atmosphere I dreamed of In my design. I like to use traditional stitch patterns which has evolved over the centuries in folk art. I had the opportunity to spend a week in the North Pennines where I visited the Weardale Museum to learn more on the “Friends and Stitches” group. They made five large panels of embroidery that make up Weardale Tapestry which now hangs in the Weardale Museum at Ireshopeburn. The tapestry is rich in historical detail, yet concise and accessible with colourful vignettes from the tapestry to illustrate different parts of the story. In these works, we can also find the embroidered weave such as the French knot which we can depict the moss or the heavy stitch which we can be used for the stems of flowers. I use these and many other stitches in my work, it takes weeks to make a textile, in which I make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of stitches.

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