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Needle felting

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The origin of felt is unknown but is believed to date back to prehistoric times in Central Asia. Felt may have been discovered when wool from wild sheep, was used to soften sleeping areas, and it formed a cohesive fabric, or when the wool on skins used for clothing became matted. Felt is also a good insulator.

Ayala Talpai, was taught the technique during winter (they were making Christmas ornaments) and later she further developed it into the single, needle felting craft technique we know today.

I apply the wool to the fabric with tiny needle punctures, I always use coloured merino wool. I spread the fabric on a sponge base that is covered with a strong canvas this [BN1] ensure that I can pierce the wool with needle between the fibres of the base fabric. Here too I draw the shape with removable pen, followed by the “sculpture”. The softness of the wool will bring the plant, insect or animal to life on the fabric and the effect will be 3D. I especially like to apply this technique to my favourite flower thistle.[BN2]

[BN1]I don’t understand it [BN2]Ezt a Csabikaval beszeld at

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